CN Blue Compliment Relay

How about we learn fun from CN Blue… This is one of them. Enjoy…


Really… Just Jong Hyun-ie that have a credit to be call ‘Handsome’ (*v*) , n Jung Shin realizing it first… haha


Ear Fun ~ CN Blue 3rd Mini Album – Lee Jung Shin Video & Image Teaser


Lee JungShin (bass)

This time, the teaser is centered using the bass sound which I am in charge of. And though having watched the video, to give intensity and charisma, I filmed really hardworkingly, do you feel it? Haha.
Stayed till 5am to film, everybody was tired and prepared well without expression, I also worked hard and tried my best not to NG.
Though there is the pressure of being the first and opening teaser video, it will be great if you like it.
Must be looking forward to who’s next?? Please stay tuned to the reel~

Translation by gera@cnbluestorm

source:  CNBlue youtube


CN Blue @ Steady April 2012 Vol. 2


~ “What do you think about Japanese girls?” ~

– they first came to Japan in June, 2009,since then, they often revisit the place. We asked them about “Japan”. – 

YH: I have an impression, how “yasashii” (tender, kindly) Japanese girls are.

My impression about Japan did not change. Whenever we played on the street under the hot sun, I still can remember what had happened in the past like it was just yesterday (laugh). Since then, I could say that we improved and we can now also hold tour in Japan, I am deeply grateful. During our Japan tour, our delight is trying “gotouchi gourmet” (local cuisine)! I feel wherever we go we get to taste delicious foods. I just enjoy being in Japan!

JH: Thanks to the fans who are excited with our live performance!

We could hold many live (concert) in Japan. When we were indies, we perform street live and at small live houses, we experienced live (concert) many times! So, for me, my impression is, Japan = live (concert). And then finally we could perform at Yoyogi Gym, a place we longed for, last Dec. I felt really happy and had fun! I remembered our street live at Yoyogi Park, near there.

JS: (Japanese girls are) all fashionable and really pretty! 

I think all of us think the same. We studied music in Japan, and so we have a strong feeling towards Japan! At that time we had lots of hard experiences, but it was an important time for our teamwork to grow. Included is such a thankful feeling. I hope that we can hold live (concert) many times in Japan. I think our fans who can come to our live, are really fashionable.

MH: (Japanese fans) are always excited with our live performance. I’m really happy!

When we were studying in Japan, we were always worried about money (laugh). We were living with quite a small allowance, so we couldn’t stop feeling hungry! So, now when we eat meals in Japan, it feels especially delicious. My favorite is Tebasaki (chicken wings)! Now, such meals give us the energy for our live performance. I always look forward in going to Japan.

Credit | Scanned by: @nuromianchaochi

Translated by: @ketchBurning

CNBLUE gives an impressive performance on Japan’s MTV Unplugged


CNBLUE delivered an amazing performance on Japan’s MTV Unplugged as the first Korean artists to appear on the program since its creation in July 2011. CNBLUE were invited to perform and shoot the episode on January 31.

CNBLUE’s tremendous popularity in Japan was proved once again. Boices’ (CNBLUE’s fans) reaction when hearing about the show was explosive as they were excited to see them perform on this prestigious stage. Reportedly, 15,000 fans called in and asked to be part of the audience when the program only allows 150 seats.

CNBLUE performed a set of 12 songs from their repertoire including Let’s Go Crazy,” “Try Again, Smile Again,” “Now or Never, “Kimio,” “In My Headand Teardrops In The Rain

Check out their performance below!

At the end of the show, the boys thanked their fans and added, “When we heard about the number of people who wanted to attend the show in the news we were very surprised. We did our best to put on the best performance for you today. Fans, thank you so much.”

Credits: Yoojiin@soompi (article) | (video)

CNBLUE in POPEYE Magazine March 2012 Issue


Our rock song is a message for the same generation. I want our music to be listened by everyone especially young men.

I was learning classic piano since I was young, but when I heard BON JOVI at elementary school, I was awaken with rock music.

When we were in Japan, we spent a hard time without money. Always we brought our instruments & equipments by bus or train (laugh).

During live tour, we look forward to “gotouchi gourmet”(local cuisine), I love Hakata Ramen!

“Where You Are” is a song singing about dreams and hope, so I’m glad if listeners are encourage by our song.

My fashion style is simple, wear with some accessories.

My favorite brand is [Yasuhiro Mihara].


We lived in 2 two bunkbeds apartment. Studying in Japan is good memory for me.

During the half year of our studying music, we perform 100 times on street and livehouse.

To save money, we often cooked by ourselves. We bought kimchi, egg and ham at the supermarket, then made “炒飯” (cha-han=fried rice), or went to the supermarket just before shop closing, to buy something with discount (laugh).

I like MANGA in Japanese culture. “NARUTO” or “ONE PIECE” are really popular also in Korea. I often watch Japanese drama too, to study Japanese.

I like type of clothes which are casual and simple. It is important for me that it matches my status. I’m good at coordinating cheap clothes.


I like fashion as same as music. I wanna be full-fledged fashion model too!

My favorite color is black. I often wore whole body in black, I have 4 [Dior] black jeans. I

If I dislike my hair style or coordinate, I’m really depressed (laugh). I’m really interested in fashion, so someday I wanna be full-fledged model while keep playing music.

When we were studying music in Japan, it’s really hard to transport with our instruments. But that effort built trust in our relationship I think, so it was good experience.

The band’s real pleasure is the live performance. The sense of unity in the venue can’t be exchange with anything. Now I’m studying composing.


You are free what to think about the message of a song. I think this is the real pleasure of music.

My respected artist is Kurt Cobain.

But I like clothing with UK taste, kind of tight. My favorite cloths are, jeans bought at [nudie jeans], shirt bought at [Acne] these days.

When I went to a local city in Japan, we’ve got hooked on local cuisine. Especially, tebasaki of Nagoya is “saikou!” (the best!)

After major debut we are really busy, but even on day off I’m always playing guitar and making songs on computer. Of course I put some message in my song, but the way of thinking varies from each listener. But it is interesting in music. I’m happy if you can enjoy our music, anyway.

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CNBLUE in Mini Magazine March 2012 Issue


Credit|Scans by: @CNBurningHARU
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— What do you give to a lady on White Day?
(*White Day – March 14 in Japan. On Feb.14, Valentine’s Day, there’s a tradition where girls send chocolates to boys. And then on March 14 which is White Day, boys give back something to girls.)

YH: A car!.. joke. A perfume. It’s standard.

MH: What kind of perfume do you send?

YH: I want to send what I like. It is not what I use, but I’m glad if she use it everyday.

JH: I’ll choose perfume, too.

JS: I’ll choose necklace. Simple, has a little charm one is good.

YH: How about supplement like a vitamin? Good for health, it’s the best, right?

JS: I don’t think that it makes girls happy (laugh).

MH: I don’t know what I should give… What is pleasing? Like a pair ring?

JH: Then you can say, you will devote to her your everything (laugh). In Korea, couple used to give present to each other even high school students. But, we have no one to give something…

— Have you given someone a bouquet of flowers?

YH: When my friend graduated high school,  I‘ve given.

MH: I also sent my cousin sister when she graduated junior high.

YH: To choose flowers is difficult. And then, a little expensive (laugh).

JS: I gave my mom a carnation on Mother’s Day. It is same tradition at Korea and Japan.

JH: Only me, no moment (laugh).

— Don’t you guys give something to each other?

JH: Jungshin’s birthday is a little far, but we 3 is near, so we no longer give each other anything, unawares.

YH: We are living in together, meeting every day. Now we buy a cake only (at someone’s birthday).

JH: The cake is prepared by someone who lose to “janken”(rock-paper-scissors).

YH: yes..yes. We don’t ask the opinion of birthday person, we choose one which we (person to buy) want to eat (laugh).

Q. What kind of girl do you like?
A. I love a girl who has big bright eyes!!!

Q. I’m unexpectedly…?
A. I’m an idler (lazy person). I’m lazy about everything…

Q. What’s your favorite Japanese word these days?
A. “aitai” (I wanna meet you). It has many meaning, so I love it! I want to say it for fans.

-Editor’s view-
His sensitive atmosphere touched our feminine instinct. When the topic of talk changed about gift for lady, he turned to a man of few words, so shy!

Q. What kind of girl do you like?
A. Girly, always supports me, kind of girl I like.

Q. I’m unexpectedly…?
A. When I concentrate on something, I can’t hear anything. I can sit on even 10 hours.

Q. What’s your favorite Japanese word in these days?
A. “ima hima?”(Do you have time?). I’m curious somehow. I wanna master that words!

-Editor’s view-
Some times he narrowed his eyes, like staring afar, it was really cool!

Q. What’s your favorite Japanese word in these days?
A. “dasse-!”(lame, not cool) It means not cool! right? I heard it from a staff at the studio, and then I learned.

Q. What do you laugh at the most these days?
A. Thanks to JS, I’m laughing every day. He’s fun just looking. He’s a mood maker!

-Editor’s view-
He has a transparent white skin and long eyelashes, He’s really like a prince riding a white horse! In contrast, his way of talking Japanese fluently is really manly. I’m dying ♪

Q. I’m unexpectedly…?
A. I’m 187cm. My height grew up these days!

Q. What’s your favorite Japanese word these days?
A. “LOVE chu-nyu♥“(a comedian’s gag) I learned it from staff-san, when I said at live MC, fans laughed, so I was happy.

Q. What’s do you always bring to Japan?
A. iPad. We have no mobile phones, so it is our important information tool. It is irreplaceable!

-Editor’s view-
I think the word “sexy” exist only for him! I was excited with his overflowing loveliness.


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CNBLUE in GINZA Magazine March 2012 Issue

– What CNBLUE thinks of their fans..

Jonghyun: Before our major debut we studied music in Japan. At that time we learned the sense of sympathy from the audience.

Minhyuk: We were not famous at that time, but they still listened to our music. I’ll never forget those audience.

Jungshin: Because of that experience, my heart became stronger. I’m not scared of anything now.

Yonghwa: I’m really glad that Japanese fans can sing Korean lyrics, and likewise Korean fans can sing Japanese lyrics, even the rap part.

– I heard that in Korean music industry, the trend in mainstream changes faster than Japan. What do you think is the important thing for you to be able to continue your activity?

Jungshin: For me, it’s to keep on growing (music wise).

Minhyuk: If  each of us keeps making efforts, then  our band skill will improve, right?

Jonghyun: The live stage is a good chance/place to study (live music).

Yonghwa: The basic (for musicians) is practice. And also, listening to various kinds of songs. For example, recently I often listen to music which is kind of electronic . When I was in junior high, I like L’Arc~en ~Ciel, I used to sing their songs in karaoke.

Jungshin: I’m not good at karaoke because it has too much echo. But we can play instruments together if I wanna sing (laugh).

– How about your private life?

Yonghwa: We hardly have holidays, but if we have time, we would go to theater to watch movies.

Jonghyun: It’s always the four of us together. We are happy to talk among ourselves, so if someone can’t go there, we won’t go too. Only on rare occasions  that I feel that I want to be alone… but I’m spending really happy days (with fellow members).

Jungshin: But there’s a little problem regarding meals.

Minhyuk: There’s no such thing as the youngest person needs to cook.

Yonghwa: Almost all the time we depend on delivery.

Jungshin: One good point of living together, we can practice anytime.

– We asked what you want to do this year, and all of you answered  ”to go on a trip abroad”. You want to walk around US or Europe. Then, what’s your aim for this year, as CNBLUE?

Yonghwa: It’s not limited to this year only, but we want to perform at SAITAMA SUPER ARENA & NIHON BUDOKAN. And then someday, maybe One-Man Live at TOKYO DOME!

– Regarding “Where You Are”..

Yonghwa: When I was surfing the internet at midnight, suddenly I feel like I wanted to write it, then I made it immediately.

SIDE TALK (editor’s view)

Regardless of  the tough whole day shooting, they didn’t appear looking tired at all.
Yonghwa-san said in a loud voice,  “yorosiku onegai simasu!”( thank you for today).
We were touched with his leadership.

Our cameramen asked them to do various poses, they were a little confused but they were innocent.
But their cool faces for the shooting is “sasuga”(no doubt!)
They also showed the improvement of  their Japanese skills.

Scans by: @CNBurningHaru
Rough Trans by: ketchburning
Edited by: fizzy @ cnbluestorm