CNBLUE in GINZA Magazine March 2012 Issue

– What CNBLUE thinks of their fans..

Jonghyun: Before our major debut we studied music in Japan. At that time we learned the sense of sympathy from the audience.

Minhyuk: We were not famous at that time, but they still listened to our music. I’ll never forget those audience.

Jungshin: Because of that experience, my heart became stronger. I’m not scared of anything now.

Yonghwa: I’m really glad that Japanese fans can sing Korean lyrics, and likewise Korean fans can sing Japanese lyrics, even the rap part.

– I heard that in Korean music industry, the trend in mainstream changes faster than Japan. What do you think is the important thing for you to be able to continue your activity?

Jungshin: For me, it’s to keep on growing (music wise).

Minhyuk: If  each of us keeps making efforts, then  our band skill will improve, right?

Jonghyun: The live stage is a good chance/place to study (live music).

Yonghwa: The basic (for musicians) is practice. And also, listening to various kinds of songs. For example, recently I often listen to music which is kind of electronic . When I was in junior high, I like L’Arc~en ~Ciel, I used to sing their songs in karaoke.

Jungshin: I’m not good at karaoke because it has too much echo. But we can play instruments together if I wanna sing (laugh).

– How about your private life?

Yonghwa: We hardly have holidays, but if we have time, we would go to theater to watch movies.

Jonghyun: It’s always the four of us together. We are happy to talk among ourselves, so if someone can’t go there, we won’t go too. Only on rare occasions  that I feel that I want to be alone… but I’m spending really happy days (with fellow members).

Jungshin: But there’s a little problem regarding meals.

Minhyuk: There’s no such thing as the youngest person needs to cook.

Yonghwa: Almost all the time we depend on delivery.

Jungshin: One good point of living together, we can practice anytime.

– We asked what you want to do this year, and all of you answered  ”to go on a trip abroad”. You want to walk around US or Europe. Then, what’s your aim for this year, as CNBLUE?

Yonghwa: It’s not limited to this year only, but we want to perform at SAITAMA SUPER ARENA & NIHON BUDOKAN. And then someday, maybe One-Man Live at TOKYO DOME!

– Regarding “Where You Are”..

Yonghwa: When I was surfing the internet at midnight, suddenly I feel like I wanted to write it, then I made it immediately.

SIDE TALK (editor’s view)

Regardless of  the tough whole day shooting, they didn’t appear looking tired at all.
Yonghwa-san said in a loud voice,  “yorosiku onegai simasu!”( thank you for today).
We were touched with his leadership.

Our cameramen asked them to do various poses, they were a little confused but they were innocent.
But their cool faces for the shooting is “sasuga”(no doubt!)
They also showed the improvement of  their Japanese skills.

Scans by: @CNBurningHaru
Rough Trans by: ketchburning
Edited by: fizzy @ cnbluestorm