CNBLUE and Moon Chaewon in Bang Bang 2012 Spring Catalog


So,… It’s the time for Moon Chae Won to cooperate with Jong Hyun-ie and CNBlue boys… How Lucky… both Chae Won n CN Blue boys… (jealous ^0^)

I Can’t comment bout this…. Absolutely Wow.

n I just love this one… Look like a true couple…

N for the last, just Jung Shin that can touch Chae Won, haha… They r cute too. The main role (pair) n the supporting role (with an outstanding star: Jong Hyun ^^, Love His smile)


Credit | Scanned by: BOICE @PlanetB_
Source: BangBang 2012 Spring Catalog


Lee Jong Hyun @ Bang-Bang CF Sketch

Here it is some pic of Jong Hyun-ie for Bang-Bang CF…

Hoho… Looks like Jong Hyun-ie  “I don’t care bout that girl, hyung… and bout you too”

I like the color man on grass. He’s enjoying that much…

And this is the last one bonussss…..

COOL POSE, Hahaha… Seems Jong Hyun-ie has the roundest butt (pervert think, ^0^ hoho…….)