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Really… Just Jong Hyun-ie that have a credit to be call ‘Handsome’ (*v*) , n Jung Shin realizing it first… haha


Album CNBLUE – Ear Fun Review by cnbluestorm

The album opens to electronic tones with the scratching of the DJ table.  For a second, you would think that “Hey You” is reminiscent of last year’s comeback single “Intuition”, but we are reminded that this is, after all, CNBLUE.  After a long hiatus of a Korean release, they open with a track that sounds similar yet the same, and that’s how we know we are in for some Ear Fun.

Hey You speaks of a theme common to CNBLUE title songs, that of love, longing, and some tinges of regret.   Being the only song that is not directly co-written by any one of the members, we hear them having fun playing the music in this song, yet also not necessarily owning it, as if that of mockingbirds simply mimicking music they are told to sing.

 The sophomore track “Still In Love” is where we are taken back to a sound uniquely CNBLUE.  The rawness of emotion is heard in the lyrics, yet it remains steady with the band’s signature laidback delivery.  This track is better enjoyed with a tub of ice cream, perfect for the warming tone of spring and summer.  Its highlight is that we hear each member’s instrument or vocals in a way that makes them blend yet stand out on their own.  Props are awarded for a new vocal instrumental language in Jong Hyun’s “stabirabirapstastabira” and Yong Hwa’s singing of “Appeun sarang-ah”, and the way it sounds good you could hurt like what the words convey.

Dream Boy” is genuinely a masterpiece.  We hear the acoustic rock that defines this band, and the lyrics are well-written to convey the dreams and everything in between of a band only in its early years. Their youth and their growing pains were accurately summed up in this track.

It’s long overdue for a dance song from CNBLUE, and in this album we get it from “Rock N’ Roll”.  It tells you to “dance” at the very least, so it becomes pretty obvious what it wants to do.  That aside, the intro to this track had a life of its own.  We start the song not knowing where it is going to take us, especially since it sounds like the opening riffs of a cheer song.  But, if you tell us your head didn’t bop to those opening strains, we reserve the right to call your bluff.  Credit is due to Min Hyuk and Jung Shin for giving this track the full-bodied rhythm it required.  But then again, this song should be the anthem for power pairings within the band, as Yong Hwa and Jong Hyun’s vocals were also performing awe-inducing gymnastics with the way one of them seamlessly begins as the other ends (i.e. this is most evident beginning in 0:44 to about 1:07).

The upbeat momentum built from “Rock N’ Roll” is maintained in “Run”, so it is highly suggested you don’t shuffle your mp3 player when first listening to this album.   True to its title, the song is delivered in high speed.  The fast tempo makes the vocals in this song take a more subordinate role, giving the music from the instruments take the lead.  Its dizzying pace can make it a fit for a film OST, perhaps of the anime or sci-fi genre.

In My Head” is the only re-issue in this album from their Japanese release. So what it really achieves in inclusion to this album is bringing a hit home to Korea.  Surely, FTISLAND vocalist Lee Hong Ki would appreciate this song more than any of us, since if given the chance to cover, he can sing it in his own language. Its placement as the last track also likely serves as homage to their fans, as the words of the song take a more collective theme, seeking a continuation of loyalty and love, a slight deviation from the undertones of the original Japanese lyric.

Overall, Ear Fun, in entirety, brought us sounds that are signature CNBLUE.  The style slightly steered away from their previous Korean offerings, in what appears like an attempt to push the musical envelope.  It is CNBLUE’s second year in Korea, after all. With this being the first Korean release as they push forward to their third year of music, we do hear a sound of boldness, creativity and confidence this time around. This is warranted from a band that can no longer be called “rookies” and a newly minted international up-and-comer. In this album, we didn’t hear them rely heavily on their musical influences, definitely no traces of Maroon5 or Jason Mraz or Bon Jovi here.  Instead, CNBLUE pushed for a style they can call truly theirs, now and onwards.

Written by: ridj @anjellhaven | D @ cnbluestorm 
Edited by: D  @ cnbluestorm

I can’t really review bout music itself, since I’ve only focus on Jong Hyun-ie. So I take this review as an objective review for EAR FUN Album…

But after all, I like this ‘EAR FUN’…, much.

If u like this Album, Give your review too…

Ear Fun ~ CN Blue 3rd Mini Album – Jung Yong Hwa Video & Image Teaser


Jung YongHwa – Charisma explosion

The main lead for the last teaser is me, Jung YongHwa! Do you feel my charisma? ^^
After filming the teaser, I thought – promotions in Korea finally.
Now, our 3rd mini album will be out really soon.
As you have been waiting for a long time, we will show a good image.. You will listen to it a lot right?
We will become the CNBLUE who works hard diligently. *^^*

Source: Nate
Translated by: chiffonlau@cnbluestorm

Source: CNBLUE official youtube


Ear Fun ~ CN Blue 3rd Mini Album – Lee Jong Hyun Video & Image Teaser



Lee JongHyun

The lead for the second teaser is simply me, Lee JongHyun.

I showed strong guitar sounds and manly image, how is that?

CNBLUE’s man is simply me, Lee JongHyun! Please listen and love our album loads.

Source: Nate
Translated by: chiffonlau@cnbluestorm 

Source: CNBLUE’s youtube


This time is Jong Hyun-ie….. Still can believe that he is alive n lively more than human used to, Haha

CN Blue @ Steady April 2012 Vol. 2


~ “What do you think about Japanese girls?” ~

– they first came to Japan in June, 2009,since then, they often revisit the place. We asked them about “Japan”. – 

YH: I have an impression, how “yasashii” (tender, kindly) Japanese girls are.

My impression about Japan did not change. Whenever we played on the street under the hot sun, I still can remember what had happened in the past like it was just yesterday (laugh). Since then, I could say that we improved and we can now also hold tour in Japan, I am deeply grateful. During our Japan tour, our delight is trying “gotouchi gourmet” (local cuisine)! I feel wherever we go we get to taste delicious foods. I just enjoy being in Japan!

JH: Thanks to the fans who are excited with our live performance!

We could hold many live (concert) in Japan. When we were indies, we perform street live and at small live houses, we experienced live (concert) many times! So, for me, my impression is, Japan = live (concert). And then finally we could perform at Yoyogi Gym, a place we longed for, last Dec. I felt really happy and had fun! I remembered our street live at Yoyogi Park, near there.

JS: (Japanese girls are) all fashionable and really pretty! 

I think all of us think the same. We studied music in Japan, and so we have a strong feeling towards Japan! At that time we had lots of hard experiences, but it was an important time for our teamwork to grow. Included is such a thankful feeling. I hope that we can hold live (concert) many times in Japan. I think our fans who can come to our live, are really fashionable.

MH: (Japanese fans) are always excited with our live performance. I’m really happy!

When we were studying in Japan, we were always worried about money (laugh). We were living with quite a small allowance, so we couldn’t stop feeling hungry! So, now when we eat meals in Japan, it feels especially delicious. My favorite is Tebasaki (chicken wings)! Now, such meals give us the energy for our live performance. I always look forward in going to Japan.

Credit | Scanned by: @nuromianchaochi

Translated by: @ketchBurning

CNBLUE in B-Pass Magazine April 2012 Issue


Q What’s your essential item at live performance?
Water! I drink 4 or 5 plastic bottles of water at live, and 4 more bottles after live. I used to wear rings on stage, but these days I don’t like it. Maybe because I became old? (laugh). In the past, I hoped to make my fingers on guitar look cool. But I sweat a lot in playing, so lately I rarely wear them.

Q What’s the first CD that you bought?
Back Street Boys’ CD. Maybe around 2nd year in elementary school?

Q What’s the first live concert that you attended?
The first concert that I attended was Yim JaeBum’s concert that I went with my friends, in junior high school. I remember that I managed to get the ticket since there were not many concerts held in Busan. Since I was a big fan of him, I was so moved to watch him in the flesh.

Q What’s the first instrument that you tried?
I started learning piano at 6, and kept it till I was in 2nd year in junior high. That helps my band activity in the musical aspect. I got a good ear for music thanks to learning piano for a long time. It’s like, I can catch the sound when I play.

Q Didn’t you get tired of piano as a boy?
Not at all. I had a lot of fun. Once I started music, I would concentrate on it and keep playing piano all night. There are not so many differences between that time and now, in that I love music.

Q Tell us your musical roots
Bon Jovi! The first time I watched his live performance, I got shocked. The performance, songs, his voice, all of them were very cool. Until that time, I didn’t have many chances to listen to western music. I watched it for my first time on MTV western music channel. Also, my big (cousin) brother used to be a western music fan, so I listened to it with his iPod. The person who made me want to do band is Bon Jovi, too. I definitely can say that my music roots = Bon Jovi.

* * *

Q As the graduation season is coming soon (March in Japan), tell us an impressive episode relating to your graduation or your school life.
I don’t remember

Q Tell us a recommendable CNBLUE’s song for “graduation” season
“Lets Go Crazy”

Q What item are you into lately?
Handphone. I play the game in holiday.

Q Tell us an artist or a song that you are interested in lately
Red Hot Chili Peppers

Q What’s your favorite “mom’s home cooking”? Or what’s your specialty dish?
Miso chigae

Q What made you laugh out loud lately?
Jungshin’s headbanging

Q If you got anything you want for a single day, what would you want?
I don’t want anything

Q If you had a pet, what animal would you have and what would you name it?
Dog. The name would be “Chin-chan”

Q Please predict your previous life
I think there’s no such thing as a previous life

Q If you were not an artist, what would you be?
Trainee and always work hard

Q If you watch a movie on a date, what genre do you choose?
Horror movie. Paranormal activity.

Q If you could be a member of another band, in what band, what part would you like to take?
None I guess

Q If you could bring only three things to uninhabited island, what would you bring?
Hand phone

Q If you go private traveling only with (CNBLUE) members, where will you go and what will you do there?
I want to go to hot springs

Q What idea that you want to try for B-PASS do you have?
“The way of Summer Sonic”, something like that.

Q What’s your essential item for live performance?
This bracelet? I got this from fan(s) and wear it other than at live, too. Before I didn’t  wear accessories, but once I started wearing, I came to feel that something was missing without it. And, at live, I put about 15 extra picks on mic stand. I never use all of them, but I feel uneasy without them. I can give the picks that I don’t use to the audience as present.

Q What’s the first CD that you bought?
Eric Clapton’s best album that I bought at the first year of senior high. That’s rather late. But that album is still my treasure.

Q What’s the first live concert that you attended?
L’Arc~en~Ciel’s first concert in Korea. This is at senior high, too. Because they’re few concert of foreign artists in Busan, I hadn’t had chance to see till I came to Seoul. Since it was the first time to see band’s live performance, I had a lot of fun and thought they were cool.

Q What’s the first instrument that you tried?
Acoustic guitar that I bought at the first year of senior high. Till that time, I had wanted to do music by singing, and sung Korean songs. But since I found Eric Clapton, I thought that singing with playing guitar is super cool, then I bought a cheep guitar and practiced.

Q Tell us your musical roots
As a turning point, all in all, that would be Eric Clapton? I have been good at sports since I was a child, and I achieved good results at judo too. But while I was looking for something that I could get involved in, I began to sing. After that I became into guitar thanks to Eric Clapton, and I got interested in band in the influence of Richie Sambora (the guitarist) from Bon Jovi and Mr.Big, that’s why I’m here. That’s my musical strides.

*  *  *

Q As the graduation season is coming soon (March in Japan), tell us an impressive episode relating to your graduation or your school life.
At the graduation from junior high, we had a party. It was a lot of fun.

Q Tell us a recommendable CNBLUE’s song for “graduation” season

Q What item are you into lately?

Q Tell us an artist or a song that you are interested in lately
ONE OK ROCK “Yes, I am” “Wherever You Are”
RADWIMPS “One Man Live” “いいんですか?”(Iindesuka?/Is it okay?)

Q What’s your favorite “mom’s home cooking”? Or what’s your specialty dish?
Stir-fried Kimchi

Q What made you laugh out loud lately?
With just watching JungShin, I always can’t help but laugh

Q If you got anything you want for a single day, what would you want?
I want to be an invisible man or I want wings

Q If you had a pet, what animal would you have and what would you name it?
Dog. Its name is “Kon chan”

Q Please predict your previous life
Shogun (principal of samurai)

Q If you were not an artist, what would you be?

Q If you watch a movie on a date, what genre do you choose?
I watch a movie that she likes.

Q If you could be a member of another band, in what band, what part would you like to take?
I don’t mind whatever band it is, but I want to try being a bassist.

Q If you could bring only three things to uninhabited island, what would you bring?
Convenience store, house, and ship

Q If you go private traveling only with (CNBLUE) members, where will you go and what will you do there?
I want to try going to hot spring

Q What idea that you want to try for B-PASS do you have?
Interview in the form of conversation with other artists

Q What’s your essential item for live performance?
A metronome. If there’s no metronome, it’s dangerous (laugh). The sound would be good. And then, special shoes for playing drum. The sole part is harder and not as slippery as common shoes. But that  doesn’t mean all drummers must wear it, but to me, I feel more comfortable wearing it while performing.

Q What’s the first CD that you bought?
I think it was Maroon 5 CD that I bought when I was in middle school. Because I was influenced by my sister, I listened to many CD that my sister bought such as NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, Westlife etc. As for Korean singer, I really like Shin Si Kyung and Seo Taeji. I even had all Shin Si Kyung  albums. I really liked ballad songs back then.

Q What’s the first live concert that you attended?
I really like to see live stage. Since I was a kid, I watched many performances like musical, but I forgot what was the first one I watched.

Then, which was the live stage that impressed you?
L’Arc~en~Ciel performance in Korea back in 2009. I’ve watched ballad and pop rock live stage before, but nothing like Laruku did.

Q What’s the first instrument that you tried?
Piano. I learned piano since I was in elementary school, from 1st grade until 5th grade. But I got tired of it (laugh). So, I learned flute since elementary school 5th grade until middle school. The first time I learned drum was when I was in middle school because of my friend who had a band.

Q Tell us your musical roots
By watching my middle school friend’s band performance, they were not only singing. I think singing while playing instrument is cool. It became my turning point, from classical music to band. At that time, I realized Maroon 5’s existence.

*  *  *

Q : It will be graduation season soon. Please tell us about your school and graduation story!
MH : During my middle school graduation, I played together with friends all day long.

Q : Please recommend a song that describe about your graduation or trip.
MH : Speaking about trip, it’s “Let’s Go Crazy”

Q : What are the things that you are addicted to recently?
MH : Drum and sport

Q : What is the song that you are interested in recently?
MH : Tongue Tied by Grouplove

Q : What’s your favorite “mom’s home cooking”? Or what’s your specialty dish?
MH : Miso chigae. I’m not good at cooking.

Q : What was the funny thing that make you laughed a lot recently?
MH : It’s not a big laugh, but I was just happy to found someone that looked like YUMA SARMAN (cast of Kill Bill).

Q : If it’s a day that you can get  anything you want, then what is it?
MH : Time

Q : If you’re able to have a pet, what will it be? And what’s the name?
MH : Cat. The name is Ceko.

Q : Please imagine your previous life!
MH : Bird?

Q : If you weren’t an artist, what would you be?
MH : Student then become a salary man.

Q : If you go on a date, what movie will you watch? Romance? Comedy? Horror? Anime?
MH : Love comedy. I think it will let you enjoy the time.

Q : If you were in other band, what band is it? What position?
MH : Maroon 5’s keyboard.

Q : If you go to unpopulated island, what are the 3 things that you want to bring?
MH : Music player, friend and mattress.

Q : If you get a private trip for only the 4 members, where will you go? And what will you do there?
MH : Wherever is okay. I want to go for a long time.

Q : Lastly, what’s your hope for B-PASS?
MH : Please sell a lot~ ^^

Q What’s your essential item for live performance?
There’s no essential item in particular. Except bass (laugh). In the meaning of “essential”, what is essential before live is to eat enough and to go to restroom just before the performance without fail.

Q What’s the first CD that you bought?
Probably that is Mr.Big’s CD that I bought in junior high. Since before I bought CDs, I had listened to CDs that I borrowed from friends or to cassettes.

Q What’s the first live concert that you attended?
I think it is when I went to an orchestra concert with my family in elementary school. When I went on my own is… I don’t remember.

Q Then, what live concert was impressive?
Last year, Maroon 5’s concert in Korea. They were very cool and there were a lot of things to learn as a musician.

Q What’s the first instrumental that you tried?
Piano. In early elementary school years, I learned piano for one or two years. But I forgot all and I can’t play at all (laugh). I met bass in junior high, and officially started playing in senior high. Now I’m in a band and I’m glad to have chosen bass.

Q Tell us your musical roots
Mr.Big. In elementary school, I had a friend who was a big fan of Mr.Big and let me watch their live DVD. At the moment I watched it, I got totally hooked on. Though I had listened to other bands or hard rock before that, I didn’t see band music the best. However, Mr.Big’s music was too shocking for me to compare, and they opened my eyes to band music. That’s why they are my roots!

* * *

Q As the graduation season is coming soon (March in Japan), tell us an impressive episode relating to your graduation or your school life.
During high school graduation day, I didn’t have much time to take photos.

Q Tell us a recommendable CNBLUE’s song for “graduation” season
“Now or Never” and “ Try Again, Smile Again”

Q What item are you into lately?
Japanese hamburger and omelet & rice

Q Tell us an artist or a song that you are interested in lately
Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bon Jovi’s songs

Q What’s your favorite “mom’s home cooking”? Or what’s your specialty dish?
About mother’s taste, it’s Korean friend rice.

Q What made you laugh out loud lately?
A lot!

Q If you got anything you want for a single day, what would you want?

Q If you had a pet, what animal would you have and what would you name it?
Cat. The name is Hey Man or Hey Girl

Q Please predict your previous life
Someone from royal family.

Q If you were not an artist, what would you be?
Maybe I will still involve in the art field.

Q If you watch a movie on a date, what genre do you choose?
Romance. More Than Blue (Kwon Sangwoo movie in 2009)

Q If you could be a member of another band, in what band, what part would you like to take?
Mr Big’s bassist.

Q If you could bring only three things to uninhabited island, what would you bring?
Gun, light and tent.

Q If you go private traveling only with (CNBLUE) members, where will you go and what will you do there?
England (UK), because all 3 members said they want to go there.

Q What idea that you want to try for B-PASS do you have?
50 pages of CNBLUE photos and interview special edition


— Yoyogi Live DVD- what point do you want it to be focused on?

MH: I want fans to see the performance of our major debut song “In My Head”.

YH: The fire went up.

JH: Both the fire and live performance were also very hot! The songs that you hear on CD/MV are different from what you hear at the live concert. Please feel that difference in this DVD.

YH: We played “In My Head”at the live concerts several times before, then I feel that song was completed. And we performed  some parts of our new song “Where You Are” at the concert, so that is also the highlight of this DVD.

JS: This live has a consistent flow from the beginning to the end, I’m glad if you can feel that whole atmosphere.

JH: We made preparations for this live over a longer time than ever before. Especially about our instruments playing, we had been very focused on that aspect, so please watch the details carefully, our individual play or the whole rendition and so on.

— Yoyogi Live DVD – your impression after watching it.

JH: Compared with our previous live concerts, I felt that “we have improved” (laughs). Especially on video, we can see our stage atmosphere objectively, so I can get another feeling as I was playing there.

YH: Sometimes I watch our previous DVD too, I feel that we’re improving.

— Opening music was composed by YH-san, right?

YH: Yes. I wanted to use siren sound, then at first I made sample sound which had the siren sound as the main, and then the strong opening sound was completed.

— There are some newly arranged songs. 

JH: We had made an effort very well to “Tattoo”’s new arrangement. We played this song many times before so we wanted to make another approach.

YH: At the rehearsal, we tried to make a new arrangement for this song. The audience response was quite good.

—(to YH) By the way, you said your favorite thing during live tour is eating local cuisine.
So you gained your weight. How about your weight now?

YH: I returned to my former weight. Didn’t you know just by looking at me? (laughs) I can’t give up to eat tasty food so I eat well and then do a lot of exercise. My weight very flexible.

MH: YH hyung eats well but he can control his body condition well too.

JS: He eats well and exercises well.

 I don’t think your weight can be that flexible..

JH,JS,MH: (at the same time) “iyaiyaiya” (no no no) (laugh).

JH: We are always beside him, so we can know it well just by looking at him.

YH: I ask members that if I’m getting weight, please let me know. The members can sense my physical condition.

— You guys has experienced many kinds of live concerts. What’s the most impressive live?

All: (at the same time) MTV unplugged!
(*This was interviewed the day after their MTV Unplugged live)

JH: I’ve gotten very nervous!

YH: As soon as we finished that stage, all four of us clap our hands together.

MH: I’m happy, but on the other hand, I felt a lot of pressure.

JS: We had heavy nervousness almost as same as our debut stage.

YH: MTV unplugged is the program that world famous artist has appeared in, Clapton-san or Bon Jovi-san and so on.
I feel that it was a very honorable experience.

MH: The pressure was heavy, but  it was a big chance for us and the feeling of satisfaction was very rewarding.

JS: The venue’s atmosphere was very good. It’s like a stylish bar, I felt so good.

— “Where You Are” was the #1 song on Oricon Weekly Chart. Where did you hear that?

YH: While recording.

JS: At first I was stunned.

JH: I clapped my hand as soon as I heard. Then I said “omedetou” (Congratulations!)  to YH hyung, JS and MH in order. At that time we were in the recording,  but I said “Let’s finish it now” unintentionally. I couldn’t play (guitar) for a while.

MH: This is the first time we got weekly #1.

YH: I think we are lucky. Our second single got #1. We really thanks to everyone who support us.

 CNBLUE had became “first Korean artist” for a few times. MTV Unplugged, Countdown Japan. Do you guys noticed it?

YH: We can’t believe it. But I think we still have lots of things to challenge now. In Japan, there are a lot of music festival, we had various good experience. We want to keep on challenging ourselves.

 Including “away” stage, right? 

YH: Last year LINKIN PARK-san live was a perfect “away” stage, we got badly nervous, but because of it, we were very enthusiastic. (laugh)

JH: It was good chance to let people who don’t know us to listen to our music.

MH: For one-man-live, we have a longer time (to perform) so I think of our pacing, but for music festival the length of our performance is short, so the power for each song gets stronger inevitably.

JH: At (such music festivals), I use my whole energy to play guitar.

YH: Like this, “ore wa rocker da!” (I AM A ROCKER!)

JS: ”Ore mo rocker da!” (I AM A ROCKER TOO!) (laugh)

 At music event or festival, did you interact with another bands?

YH: Yes, at Ontama Carnival on January, we talked with ORANGERANGE-san at the backstage.

JS: Before our major debut, we used to listened and watched their DVD, we studied form that. So we were honored to interact with them.

JH: I heard ORANGERANGE-san wrote to their blog about us. I’m really glad to hear that.

MH: Also SID-san,.. we interacted with other performers too.

YH: We watched all artist’s live perform, we studied many things from that.

— Your review for the past two years (since Korean debut)

All: Our live performance has improved!

YH: Now I couldn’t watch our previous live films/videos. (laugh) We were badly unskilled.

— You guys changed how you play your instruments, how to enhance the atmosphere, and the tension of your voice.

JH: It was only two years, so it is not too long ago. But we had so many experiences, I realized this so keenly.

About CNBLUE’s Korean comeback in March

YH: Since one year ago.

MH:  It has been a long time since our last release, so I feel a little anxious.

JS: But, even at the Korean stage, Japanese fans come there too, so I’m happy.

JH: Regardless of we are in Korea or Japan, we sing our songs that we released on both countries, then fans can be excited for songs from both countries. So recently I don’t care now whether I am in Korea or Japan. 

— About the Stand-Up by M Live – LA concert

JH: We’ve been visiting around Asia, USA  is going to be our first time, so it is our new challenge.

YH: We rarely perform with FTISLAND, so we are happy to go to Los Angeles with them.

JH: It’s not an exaggerated thing like CNBLUE is going “to advance in US”, I think we just go to LA to meet our US fans.

YH: When I go to the  US,  first I should eat hamburger, and then eat pizza..  ahh I have lots of things to do there. (laughs)

— Request for staff

YH: I want to appear on Summer Sonic! It was our first big music festival that we watched back in 2008. We all were shocked. LINKIN PARK-san, Hoobastank-san, and B’z-san, it was really cool, really fun. We thought we want to stand  on such great stage someday. Please support us, staff-san!


Scans by: BOICE Bluena |BOICE @risamin_329
Translated by: ketchburning @ cnbluestorm




Are you a CERTIFIED BOICE ? Find out if you already know all these facts about each CNBLUE member. Read on.


1. Lee Jonghyun likes girls who look good in simple white shirt and jeans.

2. His favorite meal is the Yoshinoya’s A-set.

3. He felt so lucky debuting with CNBLUE because he got to meet Kim Bum Soo, his idol.

4. Jonghyun has a lot of Adidas training wear.

5. Among many songs that Jonghyun composed, he is most satisfied with “Lie”.

6. Jonghyun envies Minhyuk, because he has a sexy body.

7. When Jonghyun was in primary three, his friends suspected that he wasn’t a Korean, so he ran back home to ask his father about his ‘origin’.

8. Jonghyun wants to perform in a rock festival like Summer Sonic (Japanese Rock Fest), with many other artists.

9. He is CNBLUE’s second leader and Yonghwa thinks he helps to firmly pull the team together. He is very reliable.

10. Among the CNBLUE members, Jonghyun is the touchiest. He naturally massages, leans on other’s shoulder, hug and hold hands with other members.

11. Jonghyun said if he isn’t in CNBLUE, he wants to be an athlete.

12. All members of CNBLUE said in an interview that Lee Jonghyun is the member that likes pretty girls the most.

13. Jonghyun was athlete of Taekwondo and Judo. He got Black belt for both.

14. Jonghyun is a second child and has an elder sister.

15. Jonghyun wanted to learn drums.

16. Jonghyun doesn’t like spaghetti.

17. Jonghyun’s first kiss was when he was 2nd year of middle school, at the stair of institute.

18. On his 20th birthday, Jonghyun got a DVD of Son Ye Jin’s (his ideal woman) movies from fans. He also got some under wear from fans on his birthday.

19. Jonghyun even has the same guitar as Carlos Santana. It’s a PRS guitar.

20. He’s the most trusted among the members and he takes care of everybody.

21. He thinks he looks more handsome after taking a bath.

22. Jonghyun talks about love: “When you fall, you fall and your head hurts so you get dizzy.”

23. Jonghyun shakes his legs before going to the stage because he is often nervous.

24. Jonghyun said he felt comfortable as he got a role as a guitarist and vocalist in Acoustic, pretty much his everyday life.

25. He still can’t avoid the Busan accent especially when he gets excited about something.


1. Kang Minhyuk has a specialty in flute. Next to drums, it’s the instrument he can play very well.

2. He naturally likes older women because he also has an older sister that treats him well.

3. Next to Jonghyun, Minhyuk excels in sports. He likes Baseball, Soccer and Basketball.

4. His middle school nickname was Kang Goon (Kang – his last name; Goon – a Korean term for a young lad).

5. He loves playing games on his PSP.

6. He met Jungshin for the 1st time at the Ilsan English School.

7. For Minhyuk, music and food are the same in his life, a day without music would leave you very uneasy.

8. The girl group that he wants to be close with is Wonder Girls.

9. Minhyuk also wants to host with Kim Heechul of Super Junior.

10. He admits in reacting very slow so if he was a girl he would choose Jungshin because he is funny and lively most of the time.

11. Through the drama, “It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter”, Minhyuk and Super Junior’s Donghae grew a closer brother-like relationship.

12. When it comes to girls, Minhyuk does not care about looks and likes someone he feels comfortable with.

13. Minhyuk’s dad is his drum teacher.

14. Minhyuk is the type who’s stable and quiet. But when he’s feeling good he can be quite playful.

15. Minhyuk hopes to become a drummer like the Dream Theatre’s Mike Portnoy.

16. Minhyuk likes anime such as Bleach, Naruto and One Piece.

17. Minhyuk and FT Island’s Minhwan became close after meeting 3 times. They became close so quickly because they share the same interests.

18. Minhyuk makes an effort to practice playing drums more recently since his drama is over. He bought new small cymbals for their new album.

19. Minhyuk’s recent favorite songs are by Owl City. He said “They sound very refreshing and their style is very unique, sometimes dreamy, and sometimes sunshine-bright. So I like their songs a lot.”

20. Minhyuk is a big fan of Kim Tae Hee (IRIS, Love Story in Harvard) and he really love to meet her in person.

21. Minhyuk revealed in order to get familiar with the camera; he did a lot of practice in private.

22. He had fallen for “very spicy jjigae” which he didn’t liked eating before.

23. He is voted as The Coolest Member of CNBLUE.

24. Minhyuk likes wearing sweats /training suits and also the neat and tidy, smart type of clothes.

25. His skin is very smooth like a baby and other CNBLUE members are admitting in following his skin care practices.


1. Jungshin and Minhyuk are roommates. They share the biggest room.

2. Even though he’s in charge of bass now, he also wants to compose. He once said, “I’ll arrange music in the future. Hope I can make a very cool song.”

3. When there are conflicts within CNBLUE, Jungshin’s one charm action erases all conflicts in an instant.

4. Besides Yonghwa, Jungshin often listens to hip hop as well.

5. Jungshin along with other CNBLUE members studied Japanese diligently. But actually when they went to Japan, he confessed he couldn’t use what he had learned before, so he thought that the teacher lied to them.

6. Celebrity Hwi Jae commented that Jung Shin looks like his first love.

7. Jungshin hated grapes when he was a child.

8. Jungshin’s parents really want him to become an athlete starting when he’s just 5 years old. They never thought he’ll become an artist.

9. Jonghyun reveals that Jung Shin tries nonsense items. He orders through the internet then returns them.

10. Jungshin’s first love was in his 2nd year of high school.

11. He shamelessly admitted, “After I changed my hair, I seem a little bit pretty on camera.”

12. After Jungshin appeared on WGM (We Got Married; Sweet Potato Couple), he hit # 1 at searching sites and was even nicknamed “Goddess”.

13. Back in Japan, the water didn’t suit Jungshin’s skin. He always looks at the mirror asking “How do you look that ugly?”

14. Jungshin used to wear braces. And he thanks it for his current sharp chin.

15. When they were in Japan, they talked in the balcony until dawn and Jonghyun couldn’t sleep because Jungshin kept talking.

16. Jungshin and Yonghwa like star patterns a lot.

17. Jungshin prefers older women because he’s afraid that a younger woman wouldn’t be able to take the lead role in the relationship.

18. Jungshin likes Yuko Takeuchi (Japanese actress). He said she’s just like his ideal type.

19. Jungshin is known for his randomness. Once he replied to a fan saying he shaved his hair and he’s wearing a wig now.

20. Jungshin’s recent favorite song is Maroon 5’s “Misery”.

21. He wants to become close with Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun because she’s his schoolmate.

22. When asked what uniform you want to try to wear, Jungshin answered “Chef uniform”.

23. Jungshin doesn’t like a girl who likes nagging and is someone loud and talkative.

24. If he had a chance, I want to act as a cold guy in a drama.

25. Jungshin believes that sleeping is the best way to relieve any of his bad conditions.


1. When Yonghwa was a student, he was good at English and Physical education but he was poor at Math. But he was in top 10 in his class.

2. He loves eating meat a lot.

3. Yonghwa hates goldfish, bee and cockroach. He can’t stand looking at it because he’ll get goose bumps.

4. Among CNBLUE members, Yonghwa is the person who’s never afraid of ghost things.

5. Yonghwa wants to study music in Sweden, England and United States.

6. Yonghwa likes a girl who understands his line of work, looks good wearing pants, cooks and does not tell lies.

7. Yonghwa usually composes song at midnight after all his schedules end.

8. Yonghwa loves Haeundae (in Busan). When he was young, he used to swim in the sea during summer.

9. YongHwa likes girls who have cool fashion sense. Because he likes clothes, he hopes the girl is interested in fashion too.

10. He likes Japanese fashion such as Junya Watanabe, COMME des GARÇONS. He would like to shop in “TOPSHOP“.

11. Yonghwa’s favorite artist is Bon Jovi. He listened to their songs since he was 5th grade at elementary school. He also admired Jang Dong Gun, Won Bin and Yoon Do Hyun Band (In Korea), Kimura Takuya (in Japan) and Jason Mraz, Pharrel, Kanye West (Various foreign artists).

12. “A song for a fool” from You’re Beautiful, was finished an hour before Yonghwa filmed the scene as Shinwoo who sang this song.

13. Yonghwa: “When I was a child, I had a dream of being a president, doctor or others. As I grow older, my dream became a singer.”

14. After 30 years old, he would study producing in US and go for Billboard Top 10 for 6 years, military service for 2 years, and then go to US for studying.

15. Yonghwa’s childhood nickname is “Yong-yong”

16. The best thing he heard lately was “Live tickets sold out.”

17. He likes to drink a cup of coffee when he wakes up and listen to music or composing before going to bed.

18. Yonghwa’s strategy on how to confess his feelings: “I’ll make an appointment to meet her through email and phone, then after I confess to her personally I’ll give her a letter.”

19. Yonghwa listens to their song “One Time” when he feels down.

20. When Yonghwa and Minhyuk were studying in Japan, they got a call to audition for the drama ‘You’re Beautiful’. They both auditioned for the same role. Yonghwa did his lines first then he was casted immediately. Minhyuk even couldn’t do his lines. So it’s nothing to be called a competition. Yonghwa’s auditioned script was “Come sit here and drink this warm tea” [said to Mi Nam]. He even sang “Now or Never” from their Japan album, while playing the guitar.

21. Yonghwa’s perfumes are Marc Jacobs and Dsquared2.

22. He confessed that he visits fan sites. He logs in using his friend’s ID and look around whenever he has time.

23. Yonghwa misses the Busan-style Jajangmyeon with raw egg.

24. His name Jung Yong means “harmonious face”.

25. What is CNBlue to Jung Yonghwa? : Family ; What music means to Jung Yonghwa? : “Music is my friend”.

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