Happy Birthday Burning Lee Jong Hyun CN Blue…

For Burning Jong Hyun-ie…
I don’t know why u always come in my head
It is just because I’m a loner who make illusion with man in the front of mirror or really u are a love light who came to me as a rain of blessing.
One time I really wanna …be like u, always run, always play rock n’roll, always try again, smile again and always be a dream boy. But sometimes I think I will forget u, u are just like one of a kind voice, u are just sweet holiday in my coward life. I know it all…
But still it’s a lie if I will forget u, Because I know u are like ‘black flower’ tattoo that hurting my skin deeply but cooling me like teardrops of the rain. So just please I don’t want to say goodbye.
Because I know It’s love revolution, n this love is never too late. So I want to say to you right now, because I know the time is just now or never, “Hey you… Let’s go crazy”
The day U came to my live I’ve fallen for you… HAPPY BIRTHDAY ♥ ♥ ♥


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