CNBLUE shares that their “pre-debut trainee days were like being in jail” on ‘You & I’

A band that brought on a new hallyu wave, CNBLUE, guest starred on April 22th’s airing of ‘You & I‘ and gave an awesome performance and entertained the audience with their witty remarks.

On this episode, CNBLUE members shared about the hardships during their trainee days and commented, “Before our debut, the five years of training felt like being in a music jail.” They lightened the mood by sharing about their embarrassing moment of being arrested while performing in the streets of Harajuku when they were playing as Japanese indi-band before their debut.

Jonghyun revealed, “I ended up taking over the vocals when Yonghwa left Japan early to film the drama ‘You’re Beautiful‘ and because of that my skills grew.” The studio erupted in laughter and Yonghwa commented, “And that’s why I was nervous.” Watch the hilarious clip below:

CNBLUE chose their acoustic performance of “In My Head” on MTV‘s Unplugged as their most memorable performance in Japan.  They showed a live performance of the song on the spot.

Source: Entertainment News via OSEN
Article Credit: sallice10@allkpop
Video Credit: @youtube


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