CN Blue @ Steady April 2012 Vol. 2


~ “What do you think about Japanese girls?” ~

– they first came to Japan in June, 2009,since then, they often revisit the place. We asked them about “Japan”. – 

YH: I have an impression, how “yasashii” (tender, kindly) Japanese girls are.

My impression about Japan did not change. Whenever we played on the street under the hot sun, I still can remember what had happened in the past like it was just yesterday (laugh). Since then, I could say that we improved and we can now also hold tour in Japan, I am deeply grateful. During our Japan tour, our delight is trying “gotouchi gourmet” (local cuisine)! I feel wherever we go we get to taste delicious foods. I just enjoy being in Japan!

JH: Thanks to the fans who are excited with our live performance!

We could hold many live (concert) in Japan. When we were indies, we perform street live and at small live houses, we experienced live (concert) many times! So, for me, my impression is, Japan = live (concert). And then finally we could perform at Yoyogi Gym, a place we longed for, last Dec. I felt really happy and had fun! I remembered our street live at Yoyogi Park, near there.

JS: (Japanese girls are) all fashionable and really pretty! 

I think all of us think the same. We studied music in Japan, and so we have a strong feeling towards Japan! At that time we had lots of hard experiences, but it was an important time for our teamwork to grow. Included is such a thankful feeling. I hope that we can hold live (concert) many times in Japan. I think our fans who can come to our live, are really fashionable.

MH: (Japanese fans) are always excited with our live performance. I’m really happy!

When we were studying in Japan, we were always worried about money (laugh). We were living with quite a small allowance, so we couldn’t stop feeling hungry! So, now when we eat meals in Japan, it feels especially delicious. My favorite is Tebasaki (chicken wings)! Now, such meals give us the energy for our live performance. I always look forward in going to Japan.

Credit | Scanned by: @nuromianchaochi

Translated by: @ketchBurning

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