CNBLUE gives an impressive performance on Japan’s MTV Unplugged


CNBLUE delivered an amazing performance on Japan’s MTV Unplugged as the first Korean artists to appear on the program since its creation in July 2011. CNBLUE were invited to perform and shoot the episode on January 31.

CNBLUE’s tremendous popularity in Japan was proved once again. Boices’ (CNBLUE’s fans) reaction when hearing about the show was explosive as they were excited to see them perform on this prestigious stage. Reportedly, 15,000 fans called in and asked to be part of the audience when the program only allows 150 seats.

CNBLUE performed a set of 12 songs from their repertoire including Let’s Go Crazy,” “Try Again, Smile Again,” “Now or Never, “Kimio,” “In My Headand Teardrops In The Rain

Check out their performance below!

At the end of the show, the boys thanked their fans and added, “When we heard about the number of people who wanted to attend the show in the news we were very surprised. We did our best to put on the best performance for you today. Fans, thank you so much.”

Credits: Yoojiin@soompi (article) | (video)

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