CNBLUE in POPEYE Magazine March 2012 Issue


Our rock song is a message for the same generation. I want our music to be listened by everyone especially young men.

I was learning classic piano since I was young, but when I heard BON JOVI at elementary school, I was awaken with rock music.

When we were in Japan, we spent a hard time without money. Always we brought our instruments & equipments by bus or train (laugh).

During live tour, we look forward to “gotouchi gourmet”(local cuisine), I love Hakata Ramen!

“Where You Are” is a song singing about dreams and hope, so I’m glad if listeners are encourage by our song.

My fashion style is simple, wear with some accessories.

My favorite brand is [Yasuhiro Mihara].


We lived in 2 two bunkbeds apartment. Studying in Japan is good memory for me.

During the half year of our studying music, we perform 100 times on street and livehouse.

To save money, we often cooked by ourselves. We bought kimchi, egg and ham at the supermarket, then made “炒飯” (cha-han=fried rice), or went to the supermarket just before shop closing, to buy something with discount (laugh).

I like MANGA in Japanese culture. “NARUTO” or “ONE PIECE” are really popular also in Korea. I often watch Japanese drama too, to study Japanese.

I like type of clothes which are casual and simple. It is important for me that it matches my status. I’m good at coordinating cheap clothes.


I like fashion as same as music. I wanna be full-fledged fashion model too!

My favorite color is black. I often wore whole body in black, I have 4 [Dior] black jeans. I

If I dislike my hair style or coordinate, I’m really depressed (laugh). I’m really interested in fashion, so someday I wanna be full-fledged model while keep playing music.

When we were studying music in Japan, it’s really hard to transport with our instruments. But that effort built trust in our relationship I think, so it was good experience.

The band’s real pleasure is the live performance. The sense of unity in the venue can’t be exchange with anything. Now I’m studying composing.


You are free what to think about the message of a song. I think this is the real pleasure of music.

My respected artist is Kurt Cobain.

But I like clothing with UK taste, kind of tight. My favorite cloths are, jeans bought at [nudie jeans], shirt bought at [Acne] these days.

When I went to a local city in Japan, we’ve got hooked on local cuisine. Especially, tebasaki of Nagoya is “saikou!” (the best!)

After major debut we are really busy, but even on day off I’m always playing guitar and making songs on computer. Of course I put some message in my song, but the way of thinking varies from each listener. But it is interesting in music. I’m happy if you can enjoy our music, anyway.

Scanned by: CNBurningHARU
Re-uploaded by:
Translations by:
Proofread and edited by:

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