CNBLUE in Mini Magazine March 2012 Issue


Credit|Scans by: @CNBurningHARU
Re-uploaded by: fizzy @ cnbluestorm

— What do you give to a lady on White Day?
(*White Day – March 14 in Japan. On Feb.14, Valentine’s Day, there’s a tradition where girls send chocolates to boys. And then on March 14 which is White Day, boys give back something to girls.)

YH: A car!.. joke. A perfume. It’s standard.

MH: What kind of perfume do you send?

YH: I want to send what I like. It is not what I use, but I’m glad if she use it everyday.

JH: I’ll choose perfume, too.

JS: I’ll choose necklace. Simple, has a little charm one is good.

YH: How about supplement like a vitamin? Good for health, it’s the best, right?

JS: I don’t think that it makes girls happy (laugh).

MH: I don’t know what I should give… What is pleasing? Like a pair ring?

JH: Then you can say, you will devote to her your everything (laugh). In Korea, couple used to give present to each other even high school students. But, we have no one to give something…

— Have you given someone a bouquet of flowers?

YH: When my friend graduated high school,  I‘ve given.

MH: I also sent my cousin sister when she graduated junior high.

YH: To choose flowers is difficult. And then, a little expensive (laugh).

JS: I gave my mom a carnation on Mother’s Day. It is same tradition at Korea and Japan.

JH: Only me, no moment (laugh).

— Don’t you guys give something to each other?

JH: Jungshin’s birthday is a little far, but we 3 is near, so we no longer give each other anything, unawares.

YH: We are living in together, meeting every day. Now we buy a cake only (at someone’s birthday).

JH: The cake is prepared by someone who lose to “janken”(rock-paper-scissors).

YH: yes..yes. We don’t ask the opinion of birthday person, we choose one which we (person to buy) want to eat (laugh).

Q. What kind of girl do you like?
A. I love a girl who has big bright eyes!!!

Q. I’m unexpectedly…?
A. I’m an idler (lazy person). I’m lazy about everything…

Q. What’s your favorite Japanese word these days?
A. “aitai” (I wanna meet you). It has many meaning, so I love it! I want to say it for fans.

-Editor’s view-
His sensitive atmosphere touched our feminine instinct. When the topic of talk changed about gift for lady, he turned to a man of few words, so shy!

Q. What kind of girl do you like?
A. Girly, always supports me, kind of girl I like.

Q. I’m unexpectedly…?
A. When I concentrate on something, I can’t hear anything. I can sit on even 10 hours.

Q. What’s your favorite Japanese word in these days?
A. “ima hima?”(Do you have time?). I’m curious somehow. I wanna master that words!

-Editor’s view-
Some times he narrowed his eyes, like staring afar, it was really cool!

Q. What’s your favorite Japanese word in these days?
A. “dasse-!”(lame, not cool) It means not cool! right? I heard it from a staff at the studio, and then I learned.

Q. What do you laugh at the most these days?
A. Thanks to JS, I’m laughing every day. He’s fun just looking. He’s a mood maker!

-Editor’s view-
He has a transparent white skin and long eyelashes, He’s really like a prince riding a white horse! In contrast, his way of talking Japanese fluently is really manly. I’m dying ♪

Q. I’m unexpectedly…?
A. I’m 187cm. My height grew up these days!

Q. What’s your favorite Japanese word these days?
A. “LOVE chu-nyu♥“(a comedian’s gag) I learned it from staff-san, when I said at live MC, fans laughed, so I was happy.

Q. What’s do you always bring to Japan?
A. iPad. We have no mobile phones, so it is our important information tool. It is irreplaceable!

-Editor’s view-
I think the word “sexy” exist only for him! I was excited with his overflowing loveliness.


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