[Scans|Trans] PATi PATi Magazine Jan. 2012 Issue Part 3 – Special Q & A

Q1 : What’s your dream when you were kid?

Yonghwa : Artist

Jonghyun: To conquer the space

Minhyuk : Baseball athlete

Jungshin : Model and photographer

Q2 : Do you have any jinx?

Yonghwa : When I don’t feel nervous before live. Then, the live doesn’t go well.

Jonghyun : Before live, I stuff my food box.

Minhyuk : Nothing in particular, but every time on stage I always feel nervous.

Jungshin : Particularly nothing.

Q3 : Who’s your rival?

Yonghwa : There’s no one.

Jonghyun : Myself

Minhyuk : There’s none.

Jungshin : No one.

Q4 : Necessary thing that you do before live?

Yonghwa : See myself in mirror

Jonghyun : Eat

Minhyuk: Go to toilet. Give a suggestion to myself.

Jungshin : Go to toilet.

Q5: Favorite food?

Yonghwa : Samgyupsal. Miso Chigae

Jonghyun : Gyudon

Minhyuk : Tanishi (shellfish) Miso Chigae

Jungshin : Beef (Sirloin)

Q6 : Food that you dislike?

Yonghwa : There’s none.

Jonghyun : Japanese oyster (kaki)

Minhyuk : There’s nothing that I don’t like.

Jungshin : Milk

Q7 : Animal that describes you?

Yonghwa: Chameleon

Jonghyun : Cat

Minhyuk: Sparrow

Jungshin : Frog, Giraffe

Q8 : Your strong point?

Yonghwa: Positive thinking

Jonghyun : Persistent (have guts)

Minhyuk : Not complaining about things that already happen

Jungshin : It might be strange that I praise myself, but I think my strong points are countless (laugh)

Q9 : Your weakness?

Yonghwa: When I focus on one thing, other thing is not handled

Jonghyun : Easy to get stress

Minhyuk : Have no confident

Jungshin : Shy

Q10 : What do you think were you in previous live?

Yonghwa : I think there’s no such thing.

Jonghyun : Samurai.

Minhyuk: I have no idea.

Jungshin: Haven’t think of it.

Q11 : How to relieve your stress?

Yonghwa : Sleep

Jonghyun : Learning

Minhyuk: Watching baseball or traveling alone

Jungshin : Sleep

Q12 : At what moment  do you think you’re genius?

Yonghwa : The moment I finish writing song. Whatever others would say, I feel as if I got everything in the world.

Jonghyun : I never feel that way.

Minhyuk : I don’t think I have been that.

Jungshin : Make people laugh.

Q13 : Objectively, what kind people are you?

Yonghwa : People who try to think positively even it’s a bad thing.

Jonghyun : Nice person, haha

Minhyuk : Likely to become good father

Jungshin : Kind people

Q14 : What’s your point (max 100 point) of your charm as a man?

Yonghwa : 80?

Jonghyunu : 85

Minhyuk : 70

Jungshin: 50. For too much cool, haha

Q15 : Your survival degree. What’s percent?

Yonghwa : 100%. Because I believe that our dream will comes true.

Jonghyun : 100%

Minhyuk : 70%

Jungshin : 90%. As we haven’t tried it, we can’t know the result, though.

Q16 : At what action of women that makes you feel something?

Yonghwa : Giving her best for her job

Jonghyun : Doing music (playing instrument  or singing)

Minhyuk : When she confesses to me, my heart beats fast

Jungshin: Staring at me straight.

Q17 : You’re scared of?

Yonghwa : Pigeon and insect

Jonghyun : Myself

Minhyuk : Accident. Because we don’t know when it will attack us.

Jungshin: Ghost

Q18 :  What do you do for your health?

Yonghwa : Sleep and eat everything well

Jonghyun : Sport

Minhyuk : Taking care of my body all the time

Jungshin : Drinking supplement

Q19 : Your sleeping habit?

Yonghwa : Covering face with pillow

Jonghyun : Turning sideaway

Minhyuk : Sleep peacefully

Jungshin : Turning sideaway. Then, holding pillow on arm and put pillow between legs.

Q20 : What will you bring when you go to an uninhabited island?

Yonghwa : iPod

Jonghyun : Convenience store

Minhyuk: Song, iPod

Jungshin : Friend

Q21 : If tomorrow were end of the world, what would you eat?

Yonghwa : Mom’s food

Jonghyun : Seems like I can’t eat anything T.T

Minhyuk : Tanishi miso chigae

Jungshin : Beef and ramen

Q22 : What’s your most painful memory?

Yonghwa : I think there’s none.

Jonghyun: Secret!

Minhyuk: Making my mom cry.

Jungshin : Secret…..

Q23 : For you, the greatest news in 2011 is?

Yonghwa : Live!

Jonghyun: Yokohama Arena Live

Minhyuk : Japanese major debut

Jungshin : In 2011, first album in Korea release, Yokohama Arena Live and In My Head.

Q24 : What’s your goal on 2012?

Yonghwa : New album and I want to challenge everything to make special song

Jonghyun : Like now .

Minhyuk : Without forgetting original intention

Jungshin: I want to make live more, then have fun together with fans

Q25 : Please make a prediction..

Yonghwa : In 3 years later, I will do live performance in Korea Gymnastic Hall and Japan Tokyo Dome

Jonghyun: Prediction?  Hmm

Minhyuk : I will be a good father

Jungshin : I won’t grow any more. It’s enough.

Q26 : What is music to you?

Yonghwa : It’s last emergency exit for my life

Jonghyun: It’s voice. Music is voice itself. Good voice is good music.  Good voice you hear is good music. I want to be a good man who plays good music.

Minhyuk : It’s like parents, nothing can replace them. Friend that I want to be with until the end of life.

Jungshin : It’s life.


Q27 : What do you want to say to the readers?

Yonghwa : Finally, we debuted in Japan and In My Head had been released. Please always support us. Lets enjoy 2011 till the end. Also, please be warm so won’t get cold. Lastly, we’ll always do our best to show you good music! Thank you!

Jonghyun: Please always support us! We’ll always do our best to show you good music!

Minhyuk : Thank you so much for everyone who read our serial story (sensitive dictionary) every month.  From now, we’ll do our best. Please support us. Please look forward to our growth step by step.

Jungshin : For everyone who always anticipate our random drawing every month. Though it’s random but it took enough time, we draw it with a lot of care T_T  hahaha. Thank you for supporting In My Head.  For everyone who haven’t listen it yet, it would be happy if you listen to it. From now, we’ll work hard!

Scans by: @CNBurningHARU
Translated by: N @ cnbluestorm

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