[Scans|Trans] PATi PATi Magazine Jan. 2012 Issue Part 2 – Sensibility Dictionary #18 “Year End & New Year Holidays”

CNBLUE Sensibility Dictionary #18
“Year Ends and New Year Holidays”


A Happy New Year
“I want to do live even more next year! Everyone, please come to our live and have fun there together. I want to do live that make everyone happy.”



Year End Party and New Year Party
“Speaking about end of year, absolutely it’s year end party and new year party.”
(In the picture, “Cheers!”)\



Lucky Dip Bag
“In Korea, when New Year we wish for much luck. Also, there’s practice/tradition to give lucky dip bag as gift. Everyone, hope you get New Year’s luck. Happy New Year!”



“Year end and new year are of course, that means CNBLUE’s live right? Because there will be Asia Tour, please anticipate it! Now, for everyone who can’t come, please support us.”
(In the picture, “Thank you! After all, CNBLUE’s concert ticket is the best gift!” “Of course!” “Fighting for next year, too!”)

Scans by: @CNBurningHARU
Translated by: N @ cnbluestorm


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