[Scans|Trans] PATi PATi Magazine Jan. 2012 Issue Part 1 – Interview

In 2011, they made major debut in Japan and realized one of their dreams. Their attitude to pursue their own music became more sincere, and their presence became stronger. We look back on the year of CNBLUE, who keep making a great leap forward.

CNBLUE made the long-awaited major debut in Japan with single “In My Head” on 19th October. Though they were rookies, they appeared on cover and opening article in our November issue. They made their activity in larger scale and made a great leap forward in 2011. They held Asia Tour, not only in Japan. While they have been busy working around the world, they have been pursuing their ideal music. Let’s look back on their year.

A year of CNBLUE’s new start

 How do you feel as you look back on this year again? You would have felt changes and progresses in every aspect.

YongHwa: This year we could take a bigger step.

MinHyuk: As we could have our major debut in Japan, this year is CNBLUE’s new start, I think.

YongHwa: And, what I feel I made a progress is that… perhaps I came to able to enjoy live performance more? Even when I get nervous, I came to able to enjoy the nervousness.

JongHyun: This year we have become known to more people. At the same time we have widened our wings and our deficiencies appeared too. But, this year we had many opportunities to perform live, so I think we have made both musical and mental progress.

JungShin: I think we were able to make nice and mature sound as a band as we spend time like this. I’m sorry for not having time to practice recently, but I came to be able to think that it will be good if I practice, rather than complain. Being busy is actually something to be thankful of. For this reason, how we spend our limited time is our ability and obligation, I think.

This year, before “In My Head”, you released “RE-MAINTENANCE” and “392” in Japan from indie label, and “FIRST STEP” in Korea. You has given birth variety of songs in busy days.

YongHwa: Yes. In 2011, the sales of our album released in Korea have exceeded 100 thousand copies. We published the first major single and got a lot of cheering. And above all, I was happy to see our fans at a lot of stages such as in live concerts both in Korea and Yokohama Arena in Japan,.

JungShin: We experienced our first outdoor live performance in Japan, and stood on stage as the opening act for LINKIN PARK’s concert… There were many things and they were so fan through a whole year. I’m in the fullness of my heart.

Before and after live, and even now, it was like a dream

When thinking back this year, there were many impressive big concerts. The one that is still fresh in our mind, the last indie live concert at Yokohama Arena, all were excited and you were glad, right?

JongHyun: In a word, happy!

 YongHwa: I will never forget the voice of 15 thousand people my whole live. Before the concert, after that, and even now, it was like a dream. I felt that I had brought out my best. Also, the center stage was for my first time and it was pretty good.

MinHyuk: The spinning center stage was as fun as I want to do every day (laugh). Since that was our last indie live concert, I missed it a little, but it gave me a new hope.


Just like what JungShin told us just now, you appeared on the Japan concert of the world star band LINKIN PARK in Japan, and accomplished appearance at summer (music) festival. How was it appearing on a lot of stages that are different from your one-man live concerts?

JongHyun: At the festival at Niigata (“Ongaku To Higetachi 2011”), I was glad to see Mr. Tomoyasu Hotei.

JungShin: Our outdoor live at “OTODAMA” left strong impression to me. It felt that we became one with nature, and I felt very good.

YongHwa: I was glad that other Korean artists took part in Japanese festivals. I feel honored to show Korean music to Japanese people.

 Delicious foods at every place make me energetic!

You have greater opportunity to visit various parts of Japan. With what do you have fun?

YongHwa: Enjoying local gourmet is must on a tour! That will be topic of talk at concerts and local fans can feel empathy for that, so it’s quite important for me.

MinHyuk: I’m glad to visit various places, but I feel sorry that I have little time but to just do concerts and can’t enjoy my time to the fullest.

JungShin: But, tebasaki (wing tip), hitsumabushi (eel and rice), Hakara ramen and so on… Delicious foods always make me energetic!

(laugh) Eating delicious foods is stress-relieving as well. You have been very busy in this year. During that time, what is your stress-buster or your way to relax?

 YongHwa: Sleeping can relieve my stress almost all the time. What I do to reduce my tension is by stretching and casting a spell to myself at restroom (laugh).

JungShin: Me too, sleeping is the best!

JongHyun: Just practice, and don’t waste time to think strange things.

MinHyuk: For me, watching baseball game is stress-buster. When baseball is off-season, I reduce my tension by listening to songs and walk.


It’s too bad that it’s baseball off-season (laugh). Instead, if you had holidays for a week, what would you like to do?

YongHwa: I want to travel alone. Any place will do.

JongHyun: I want to go to UK!

MinHyuk: I want to depart with music.

JungShin: Me too, travel!

When this magazine is on sale, you will be in the middle of tour in Japan. Please show enthusiasm for the tour that includes your first appearance at Yoyogi Daiichi Taiikukan (First Gymnasium), and enthusiasm for the next year!

 YongHwa: On the tour, I will work hard and be ready to fall over on stage! Work hard! Work hard! I promise! I would like to have more live concerts in the next year.

JongHyun: I want to have an enjoyable live concert! In the past, now, and in future too, without changing, I would like to work hard in CNBLUE’s way.

 MinHyuk: I’m going to try hard so that we can do better concert than that at Yokohama Arena. In the past, I sometimes couldn’t enjoy concert to the fullest because of heavy feeling that drum has as an instrument. But I do enjoy it very much now.

JungShin: At every live concert, I think I will do my best, so this time too, I’m going to work hard so that people who come will tell that the concert is enjoyable and nice. In 2012, I would like to stand on more stages. Then, I think it would be great if we can show better music than now. Fans, please keep on supporting us in 2012!

Scans by: @CNBurningHARU
Translated by: T @ cnbluestorm

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