[Trans] CNBLUE’s message to Thai fans (December 1st, 2011)


translate by Bow@cnbjonghyun

ALL: Hello..we’re CNBLUE

YH: We heard about the massive flood that occurred in Thailand right now. We’re really worried and concerned to our Thai fans.

MH: We hope that situation will improve and get back to normal soon. We will pray for you all.

JH: And for our concert CNBLUE 2011 Asia tour “BLUE STORM” In Bangkok that need to postpone concert date from November 19 to Saturday February 25, 2012.Although it is very sad that we do not have a chance to meet everyone now but we will meet soon so don’t worried.

JS: We would like to use this chance collaborate with Feoh Co.,LTD to do charity event for help victims in Thailand.

YH: By give our own belongings to auction and donate for Charitable organizations. We will give it to those who win auction by ourselves.

MH: So we would like to invite everyone attend this important activities. This is good chance to help our friend and victims in Thailand.

YH: And flood crisis at this time.We’d like Thai people who suffer from flood have a strong encourage and hope to passed this crisis as soon as possible.

See you on Febuary 25,2012

All: And now we’re CNBLUE thanks so much.

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