[Scan+Trans] CN Blue @AERA English Januari 2012





Aera English is a learning (English) monthly magazine.
Check out the scans and the partial translations below.

* * *

“We are learning colloquial English through our favorite Western pop music.”

Jonghyun: We had grown up while listening to Western music. WestLife, Mr.Big, Eric Clapton, Oasis… Recently I often listen to Bruno Mars, LINKIN PARK and so on.

The interviewer said to him that his English pronunciation for Maroon5 cover songs was good.Jonghyun was being humble and said, ‘mada mada desu’ (no,still not.. yet).

The interview was done in Korean with the help of a translator, but Yonghwa said ‘I’m okay if youu ask me in English.’ Yonghwa learned English by himself under the influence of his brother who was studying in the US.

Yonghwa: I have been to the US when I was in junior high and high school. At that time I felt that English is very interesting. Since that I’ve been studying it.

Jungshin and Minhyuk met at an English institute near their house when they were in high school.

Minhyuk: For the listening test, I always has three mistakes so I couldn’t go up to upper level(laugh). Jungshin ‘withdrew’ from the school after only TWO weeks.
Jungshin: It was too hard… (laugh) I chose not to only study English (so I went) to another school that has other subjects.

Now their speaking skills have improved.

Translated by: ketchburning @ cnbluestorm

Edited by fizzy@cnbluestorm

Scan by bluestar@CNBJonghyun


They learn English by themselves with their own way…

Jong Hyun English is the best….

You can check here:



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