CN Blue Won ‘Best Rock’ @ Melon Music Award


On Thursday, November 24 the “2011 Melon Music Awards” was held at Seoul  Seoul Olympic Park Stadium to grace the best of best in Korean music industry.  The awards ceremony is famed for calculating ONLY digital sales (80%) and online votes (20%) on; the final tally of those two factors will produce the winners in the various categories. CNBLUE was nominated for “Best Rock” category and they swiped the award with their song “Intuition”.

Watch the video below.


In the video, the MC explained to the audience that CNBLUE could not attend and receive the award because they were away for oversea schedule, supposedly BLUESTORM in Jakarta. I know how everyone is feeling right now. Angry, sad, disappointed. Believe me, I’m with you because I was supposed to fly to Jakarta too. But  as CNBLUESTORM, we have promised to bring you the latest news and updates about CNBLUE, hence this award needs some of your attention too. We can blame FNC or Starlight all we want, but like Yonghwa always said, “please don’t forget our original intention”. And as BOICE, our main and most important intention is to love CNBLUE and their music. Nothing else.

Love, Fizzy.

Source:  on YouTube
Shared by: fizzy @ cnbluestorm


CONGRATZ CN BLUE n Lee Jong Hyun …
Please ‘Keep rocks the world with ur Music’

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