[Trans] 111114 NHK Yeoljung Stadium ~ CN Blue

As in these days KPop is the golden peak of Idol groups, among them new hero has appeared as a new wave. It is the Rock bands that CNBLUE and FTISLAND represent K-rock. Their point of intersection is that they had musical training (musical errantry) in Japan.

CNBLUE has been greatly influenced by Western music and has stayed half a year in Japan performing over 100 live concerts. Last year they made a debut in Korea and major debut in Japan last month this year. They are the most noticeable K-Rock band.

Hello, we are CNBLUE.

We will try our best to be recognized that Korean rock band is great. In the near future we will perform various live concerts so please watch us.
Please support us.

Female panellist*
FTISLAND is the kind of band whom we want to support; on the other hand CNBLUE is the kind of band whom we respect.

Male panellist:
You get to respect them.

Female panellist:
I feel like that they are obviously ‘band’.

Male panellist:

Furuya Masayuki (Kpop Journalist):
I often receive question, “ who will be the next to take stardom after SNSD and KARA?” I think that it will be nothing but CNBLUE.

In 2009, they came to Japan for musical training before Korean debut. I went to their street live concerts, they were not skilful at that time. But those experiences benefit them to be a singer song writer.

Recently Korean rock band is regarded that being experiences in Japanese music scene is a kind of an honour. As far as I know, there are nationwide tours at around 10 destinations in Japan. From the North, Fukaido to South, Kushu and Okinaya there are competition among them. I’m curious to what extend they will achieve in Japan.

Translation from Japanese to Korean by @heich_ 

Korean to English by Cebu Nuna


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