Lee Jong Hyun and CN Blue little dreams…

Tell us what your dreams were when you were small?


JongHyun: “A Gold medallist. In fact, I was a Judo player until I was at high school.”

(Jonghyun with Judo Team players of Song Do middle School, Pusan. Can u spot him?? its easy )

—Really? You’re so skinny.
JongHyun: “Yes. Everyone says they can’t believe it, said that I’m lying. (laugh)”
All: “Unbelievable! (laugh)”

—Indeed. It’s not a lie, is it?
JongHyun: “I was a gold medallist in Busan. But I lost at the national tournament and it was mortifying. I hate to lose, so I gave up right away. I had liked Karaoke and then I started playing music.”


MinHyuk: “I was influenced by my father and my dream was to be a baseball player. But I gave it up when I was at junior high school and braced myself up for studying at the beginning.”

(MinHyuk and his father watched baseball match together. They are KIA supporter)

— What made you turn on to the music?
MinHyuk: “I was learning flute and piano when I was small. But I was attracted by drums when I entered high school and the music turned on me again, and I spontaneously started playing drums.”

JungShin: “My dreams were to be a photographer and a model when I was small. One of my relatives was a photographer. But I aspire to becoming a bassist when I was at junior high school and I got to know MR. BIG and was attracted by its bassist and became to like them.”

(Lee JungShin first job as runaway model)

—You made your dream come true as a model.
JungShin: “Oh, yes. (a sheepish grin)”

—The next is the debut as a photographer.
JungShin: “I would like to take photos if CNBLUE and someday I would like to do something with those photos.”
JongHyun: “JungShin is good at posing but I can’t say he’s good at photographing. (laugh) So, please wait to become a photographer.”
JungShin: “I’ll try to do my best! (laugh)”

YongHwa: “My mother took me to piano and clarinet lessons since I was 6 years old. I’ve always liked to draw something or create something since I was small. I started composing when I was in junior high school.”

(Yonghwa and his clarinet)

JongHyun: “Ah~, I know that. It’s ‘EASY LOVE’! A junior high school student wrote ‘EASY LOVE’.”
All: “(laugh)”

-Do you still have that song?
YongHwa: “It’s in my PC at my home in Busan!”

-So, you will unveil that song sometime?
YongHwa: “No… So embarrassing. (laugh) But, if I get a chance…”
JongHyun: “We will judge first!”
MinHyuk: “Please let us listen to it, YongHwa!”
JungShin: “We’ll be very strict. (laugh)”
YongHwa: “Ah, scary. (laugh) I think they must say, ‘So so’. (laugh)

-Anyway, if it passes your judgement, it may possible to be your second single then?
YongHwa: “I hope so. Next time I go home, I may listen to it again. (laugh)”

Source: Arena37℃ December 2011

Translated by CNBLove @cnbluestorm.com
Edited by Fizzy @cnbluestorm.com 

Photos and Caption by cnbjonghyun
Scans+Read Complete Article: http://cnbluestorm.com/2011/11/20/scans-cnblue-in-arena37%E2%84%83-magazine-december-2011-issue/

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