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CNBLUE won 2011 MAMA Best Band Performance Award

CNBLUE won 2011 MAMA Best Band Performance Award<br />
29 November,2011 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) held at Singapore Indoor Stadium 2011. The Best Band Performance Award goes to CNBLUE!!


CNBLUE won 2011 MAMA Best Band Performance Award

29 November,2011 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) held at Singapore Indoor Stadium 2011. The Best Band Performance Award goes to CNBLUE!!


2011 MAMA Award Winner <br />
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2011 MAMA Award Winner 

(Source: mama.mnet.com)

[NEWS] CN Blue Oktober-December 2011 Schedule



We all know that CNBLUE just kick off their 2011 ASIA TOUR CONCERT ‘BLUESTORM’ on September 17 and 18 at Seoul Olympic Hall and recently have their last indie concert at Yokohama Arena, Japan on September 25.

BLUESTORM in Bangkok on November 19 and BLUESTORM in Jakarta on November 26 are now confirmed as part of 2011 ASIA TOUR CONCERT ‘BLUESTORM’. CNBLUE will also be having a performance on OTODAMA SEA STUDIO ~OTODAMA KOYASAI 2011 on October 1. Then, they will also be having Commemoration event for the release of their major debut single “In My Head” at Osaka and Tokyo on October 22 and 23 respectively.

Now, FNC just announced that CNBLUE will be having a Concert Tour at Japan! Starting off at Zepp Sendai on December 04, to be followed at Zepp Nagoya on December 06. Then, they will continue on December 14 at Zepp Osaka and will wrap it up at Yoyogi National Stadium on December 16. More details will be released later.

And not only that, we have heard that CNBLUE already booked Seoul Olympic Fencing Hall on December 10 and 11. Nothings been confirmed on this yet. But, CNBLUE mentioned at BLUESTORM in Seoul that they will have a year-end concert.

October 2011

  • 01  – [Event]OTODAMA KOYASAI 2011
  • 14  -[TV]Mnet「CNBLUE’s FIRST STEP」 13:00~14:00 PM
  • 14  -[Radio]Kiss-FM KOBE「BPM-Beats Per Minute-」
  • 14  -[Radio]KBS KYOTO(京都)Radio「森谷威夫のお世話になります!」
  • 15  -[TV]Mnet「2010 INCHEON KOREAN MUSIC WAVE」 22:00~24:00 PM
  • 15  -[TV]Fuji-TV「MUSIC FAIR」 18:00~18:30 PM
  • 15  -[Radio]TOKYO FM「ASIAN☆K-POP」
  • 17 -[TV]Mnet「STAR VJ SHOW Season2 -CNBLUE-」13:00~14:00 PM
  • 18 -[TV]Mnet「Mnet Hot Zone2 Director’s cut season2」23:00~24:00 PM
  • 18 -[Radio]FM OSAKA「K-STREAM」
  • 19 –  Major Debut Single “In My Head” Release
  • 20-[Magazine]「FLYING POSTMAN PRESS October issue」
  • 21 -[TV]「Mnet-Live CNBLUE」22:00~22:30 PM
  • 21 -[TV] Nippon TV「Happy-Music」24:58~25:53 PM
  • 22 –  [Event]Major debut Single「In My Head」Release event in Osaka, Japan
  • 22 -[Magazine]「GINGER December issue」
  • 22 -[TV]Fuji-TV「MUSIC FAIR」 18:00~18:30 PM
  • 23 –  [Event]Major debut Single「In My Head」Release event in Tokyo, Japan
  • 24 -[TV]Mnet「Mnet Hot Zone Beatles code」23:00~24:00 PM
  • 27 -[Magazine]「B-PASS December issue」

[TV]OTODAMA ISLAND STUDIO~音霊後夜祭 J:COM Channel Broadcast Schedule

National Network Broadcasting (111ch)
October 23 – 19:00~
October 25 – 24:00~
October 30 – 19:00~
*Some areas may have different channel.

Kanto region(SD/11ch)
October 25 – 15:00~
October 26 – 22:00~
October 27 – 15:00~

Kanto region(HD/10ch)
October 28 – 21:00~
October 29 – 13:00~
October 30 – 21:00~

November 2011

December 2011

Also, their major debut single “In My Head” will be the ending track for Japanese animation “SUPERNATURAL : THE ANIMATION” starting on October 4.

Source: cnblue.jp, various (please click on the events)
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As we know, The One that has to be canceled was BLUESTORM in Jakarta at 26 November 2011.

If you know any event that CNBLUE will be attending, please leave a comment below. Thanks!

CN Blue Won ‘Best Rock’ @ Melon Music Award


On Thursday, November 24 the “2011 Melon Music Awards” was held at Seoul  Seoul Olympic Park Stadium to grace the best of best in Korean music industry.  The awards ceremony is famed for calculating ONLY digital sales (80%) and online votes (20%) on Melon.com; the final tally of those two factors will produce the winners in the various categories. CNBLUE was nominated for “Best Rock” category and they swiped the award with their song “Intuition”.

Watch the video below.


In the video, the MC explained to the audience that CNBLUE could not attend and receive the award because they were away for oversea schedule, supposedly BLUESTORM in Jakarta. I know how everyone is feeling right now. Angry, sad, disappointed. Believe me, I’m with you because I was supposed to fly to Jakarta too. But  as CNBLUESTORM, we have promised to bring you the latest news and updates about CNBLUE, hence this award needs some of your attention too. We can blame FNC or Starlight all we want, but like Yonghwa always said, “please don’t forget our original intention”. And as BOICE, our main and most important intention is to love CNBLUE and their music. Nothing else.

Love, Fizzy.

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CONGRATZ CN BLUE n Lee Jong Hyun …
Please ‘Keep rocks the world with ur Music’

Lee Jong Hyun CN Blue can’t fall in love?


Minhyuk, because he is romantic. He must prepare romantic events for his girfriend. I want to be like him, but since I’m from Busan, I’m poor at being romantic.



Yonghwa or Jonghyun? If I choose one, Yonghwa hyung. He is the sweetest person to us. He must be sweet to all.



 Myself. Just being with me must make you happy!



None. I know everything about them. I can’t fall in love with any of them.


Source: JUNON January 2012 magazine  

Translation by @saturnkr

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Jong Hyun always had the idea to make himself different or it was him always different????

Best Answer like always…

[Trans] 111114 NHK Yeoljung Stadium ~ CN Blue

As in these days KPop is the golden peak of Idol groups, among them new hero has appeared as a new wave. It is the Rock bands that CNBLUE and FTISLAND represent K-rock. Their point of intersection is that they had musical training (musical errantry) in Japan.

CNBLUE has been greatly influenced by Western music and has stayed half a year in Japan performing over 100 live concerts. Last year they made a debut in Korea and major debut in Japan last month this year. They are the most noticeable K-Rock band.

Hello, we are CNBLUE.

We will try our best to be recognized that Korean rock band is great. In the near future we will perform various live concerts so please watch us.
Please support us.

Female panellist*
FTISLAND is the kind of band whom we want to support; on the other hand CNBLUE is the kind of band whom we respect.

Male panellist:
You get to respect them.

Female panellist:
I feel like that they are obviously ‘band’.

Male panellist:

Furuya Masayuki (Kpop Journalist):
I often receive question, “ who will be the next to take stardom after SNSD and KARA?” I think that it will be nothing but CNBLUE.

In 2009, they came to Japan for musical training before Korean debut. I went to their street live concerts, they were not skilful at that time. But those experiences benefit them to be a singer song writer.

Recently Korean rock band is regarded that being experiences in Japanese music scene is a kind of an honour. As far as I know, there are nationwide tours at around 10 destinations in Japan. From the North, Fukaido to South, Kushu and Okinaya there are competition among them. I’m curious to what extend they will achieve in Japan.

Translation from Japanese to Korean by @heich_ 

Korean to English by Cebu Nuna