Jong Hyun ~ Vice Leader CN Blue

This is translation of Nov Issue of PATI PATI Magazine

Yong Hwa

What kind of person is YongHwa?

CNBLUE’s leader, YongHwa.  From what he says when discussing the members, he appropriately conveys his leadership as a leader to lead the band!

MinHyuk: YongHwa hyung is the oldest. I think it’s like being the big brother in a group. A very trust-worthy and reliable existence.

JongHyun: His voice is also superb, and has lots of passion for music.

JungShin: It’s like an existence to coordinate CNBLUE….. (in Japanese) He’s CNBLUE’s leader!

MinHyuk: Yeah, an existence that CNBLUE cannot do without…

JungShin: (interrupted MinHyuk) but actually, I’m the real leader (everybody burst into laughter) Sorry, that’s a joke!


Jong Hyun

What kind of person is JongHyun?

During this interview and photography, JongHyun who excitedly discussed his favourite Japanese bands while reading the latest Pati magazine, left a deep impression on me. He who emits an aura about his immense love for rock, what is his role in CNBLUE?

YongHwa: JongHyun is very persistent in music and truly likes guitar from the bottom his heart…. I think it is because of him that everybody can see CNBLUE’s songs being unleashed to higher heights through live performances. And, he often takes good care of the younger brothers when I’m not around.

JongHyun: That’s right (laugh).

YongHwa: (in Japanese) Kids! Because JungShin and MinHyuk are still kids (laugh).

MinHyuk: Eh?! (laugh)

JungShin: (laugh) If YongHwa hyung is CNBLUE’s “leader”, then JongHyun hyung is “vice-leader”.


Jung Shin

What kind of person is JungShin?

Being the same age as MinHyuk in CNBLUE, JungShin is the youngest in the band.
He is the indispensable mood-maker who helps the members sooth their emotions.

JongHyun: He’s spreads the “happy virus” (laugh). He’s always providing laughter.

MinHyuk: Although I’m the same age as JungShin, he saved me by undertaking the subject of humiliation and jest by the hyungs (laugh).

JongHyun: There is bound to be nervousness and stress during our promotion schedules, he’s the one who helps us get rid of the stress. For example, when everybody gets really tired in the studio, just looking at his face when he appears will put a wide smile on everybody’s face (laugh).

YongHwa: His existence is such a happy one, he’s an outstanding bassist who still practices very hard even into the middle of the night.


Min Hyuk

What kind of person is MinHyuk?

MinHyuk is born in 1991, the same as JungShin.
Though he is one of the youngest in CNBLUE, he is also trusted much by the members. Is there any member who feels a bit jealous because of the many compliments he gets, or is there not….. (laugh).

YongHwa: He always gives people a very steady and mature feeling. And, the drummer is the main core and heart of a band, one who has a shoulder the role of leading our music. And his face is really cute, and he seems to be very popular (laugh).

MinHyuk: Is this a compliment?

JongHyun: It is a compliment! (laugh)

YongHwa: And, because of his honest personality, he’s one who has to complete everything thoroughly.

JungShin: I’ve always felt that….is he the only one who has been overly complimented? (laugh)

YongHwa: (laugh) He has a huge desire to do many different kinds of music, he’s an existence who always helps us.


Pic scanned by bluestar@cnbjonghyun
Jp-Chi translation by @kof1_

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