Tracklist and Teaser Photo of CN Blue Japanese Single ~ In My Head

Earlier this month, CNBLUE announced that they would release their first major Japanese single, “In My Head”, on October 19th. The Korean pop-rock group first debuted as an indie act in Japan in 2009, and has since found an audience as well as a larger Japanese label. With their last indie album released in August, CNBLUE is looking forward and just released the tracklist and teaser photos for “In My Head”.

The single will include the title track and an instrumental version, as well as “Mr. KIA (Know It All)” and “Rain of Blessing”. The black-and-white teaser photos show the group’s four members looking relaxed in casual clothing.

“In My Head” is CNBLUE’s first single under Warner Music Japan. On September 10th, they opened a concert for one of their many new labelmates at Warner Music, Linkin Park. Take a look at the tracklist and teaser photos below:

Sources: FNC Music Japan, 2, CNBLUE’s Official Japanese Website, soompi, Oneasiaa


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