CONGRATULATE!!! CN Blue Sells Out Japanese Concert

CN Blue, after recently releasing their last indie album “392” in Japan on September 1, has delivered the happy news that their last concert as an indie group has been sold out!

Their solo Japanese concert will be held on September 25 at Yokohama Arena, which holds 15,000 seats. The tickets for this show were sold out almost as soon as it was its sale was open, bringing the website’s server down.

CN Blue commented, “We are already so happy that people are giving us a lot of love but with this news, we are even happier! We will prepare even harder to provide the perfect performance.”

CN Blue is currently very busy, having opened for Linkin Park on September 10 in Japan, and preparing for their Seoul concerts, “BLUE STORM,” which will take place September 17 and 18 in Seoul Olympic Hall. Congratulations CN Blue on the sold-out concert!

news credits: soompi

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