CN Blue opening Linkin Park Concert @ Japan

Set List:

1.Let’s go crazy

2. Now or Never


4. Intuition

5. Coward

6. Just Please

7. OneTime

The stage really suits them.Those who just saw CNBlue for the 1st time wouldn’t think they’re “idols”,but ROCK band instead.

JungShin: we are alternative Rock Band, CNBLUE!

JongHyun: In 2009 when we lived in Japan, we attended  LP’s (he called LINKIN PARK san) performance at SummerSonic, here at the same place. So, today’s stage is like a, DREAM..DREAM..DREAM!!! I wanna singing more,but we also wanna see LINKIN PARK san’s perform.(audiences lol)!! (Jong Hyun-ie really likes LP, like me too ^^)

Finished!! CNBLUE members saw LP’s performs from the left side area. They looked very excited. craping,jumping,and so on.

credits @ketchburning


Linkin Park live was really the best. Glad to let us be as the open act! We have learn a lot. Thank you.

credits: @fncmusicjapan

translation by @maestro_blue


Everyone looks so tired, but happy instead… (Especially little smile Jong Hyun-ie). 

Fighting CN Blue!

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