Lee Jong Hyun ‘Quote’ at Making The Artist CN Blue Episode 5

Making The Artist CN Blue:

Episode 5 part 1

Episode 5 part 2

Episode 5 part 3

Episode 5 part 4

Cr to: NulSaRangHaeS4



* If you were given a week of break, where do you want to go?

‘I want to eat tangerine and watch TV in my room’  (How ordinary you are ^^)

‘I want to roam the streets with my friend and have pork soup as well’  (always favorite food of Jong Hyun-ie)

* CN Blue after 1 year

‘I will fill in the missing gap  of music that I have’

* CN Blue after 5 year

‘After 5 years, even for the grandmas and grandpas and even the kids, I want us to be a comfortable band. And we will all write our own song’

* CN Blue after 10 years

‘I want to start my career as a musician in my early 30s’  (you are already one now ^0^)


Song: CN Blue ~ Love Revolution

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