Lee Jong Hyun ‘Quote’ at Making The Artist CN Blue Episode 5

Making The Artist CN Blue:

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* If you were given a week of break, where do you want to go?

‘I want to eat tangerine and watch TV in my room’  (How ordinary you are ^^)

‘I want to roam the streets with my friend and have pork soup as well’  (always favorite food of Jong Hyun-ie)

* CN Blue after 1 year

‘I will fill in the missing gap  of music that I have’

* CN Blue after 5 year

‘After 5 years, even for the grandmas and grandpas and even the kids, I want us to be a comfortable band. And we will all write our own song’

* CN Blue after 10 years

‘I want to start my career as a musician in my early 30s’  (you are already one now ^0^)


Song: CN Blue ~ Love Revolution


Hello BurningSoul!

It’s the day… When I’m looking for something different but deep inside… There is many wave, but I found you.

Keep calm in your chair with bright smile… and you said “I want to be a musician”.

I was laughing at first, ‘How come a young boy like you, it’s just a youth dream’, I think. But you show me how different you are. Practice, Music, Song, Compose, Guitar… you make them part of your life more than your existence in show entertainment.

And ‘Don’t care about anything except what you want to do’,

You indeed a musician, it’s not dream anymore…